Dr. Kelly Myers

Dr. Kelly Myers

Heart Centered Coaching & Energy Therapy

Heart Centered Coaching & Energy Therapy

Do you experience depression, anxiety, chronic pain or chronic illness? Do you long for more meaning, ease and authenticity in your life, but feel lost how to traverse this path?  Perhaps you desire more presence and connection in your relationship with yourself, your loved ones or spirit. Maybe you feel a sense of general contentment in your life, yet something feels missing. We live in a fast paced, stress filled world that often requires us to neglect our own needs and lose our connection to our soul’s purpose and inner wisdom. A lifetime of cumulative traumas and subtle wounds separates us from our true nature and sense of wholeness.

I’m here to tell you there is another way. You’re not broken and you’re not alone.  There is a light within you that is ever present and I’m here to help you clear through the debris and let your light shine.

If this journey of growth and expansion calls to you, I invite you to reach out to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.

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About Kelly

Kelly is a heart centered coach and energy therapist who helps highly sensitive women transform trauma, release chronic conditions and live authentic and empowered lives.

Each client session is personalized using an integrative approach including depth psychology, energy healing modalities, somatics and nervous system regulation tools. Kelly has over 20 years of experience combined as a clinical psychologist and energy healing practitioner. She’s worked with clients from all backgrounds who have presented with a wide variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, self-esteem struggles, grief & loss, chronic health conditions, and the desire for personal growth and spiritual connection.

How I Can Help You

Energy Psychology

The main modality l use to transmute and transform trauma is energy psychology, primarily Advanced Integrative Therapy or AIT, which is a gentle practice combining depth psychology with the energy of the chakras. I also incorporate EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which involves tapping on specific meridian points.

Energy Medicine

I incorporate energy medicine exercises to support the energy psychology work we do and to align and balance other energy systems.


Soma means “of the body”. Emotions live in our body and we need movement and processes to help feel, shift and release these emotions. We will use somatic practices to gently come into the body and show the body it is safe to experience emotions.

Neuro-Somatic Intelligence tools

These practices are derived from applied neurology and specifically work with the brain and nervous system to build safety, increased capacity and nervous system regulation.